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Pine Marten - Perthshire, Scotland. (June & July 2019)

The Pine Marten is one of those rare, elusive mammals that have really proved a challenge to the wildlife photographer due to their nocturnal nature. So this workshop will generally be run from late afternoon until last light. The hide we use has a good rate of showings so it's highly likely you will see and photograph this wonderful mammal. 
Along with the pine marten, you will also see Red Squirrel, Jay, and other woodland birds.   

Look at GALLERIES-MAMMALS-PINE MARTEN for more photos taken at this hide.    

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Price: £100 per person per session.

What to Bring: Camera body, Lens - 300mm is ideal for the pine marten and red squirrel, while 500mm is ideal for woodland birds. Bean Bag, Tripod (optional), Spare Battery, Spare Memory Cards, Bag,

Payment: 50% deposit to secure booking. Balance to be paid 2 weeks prior to departure.

 *Deposit is non-refundable. If trip is cancelled due to weather an alternative day will be arranged.

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