Cairngorms Mountain Hare

During the month of December, one of the darkest times of the year with only about 6 hours daylight from sunrise to sunset, I set off to the Cairngorms mountains. 

I wanted snow and did I get it. It was amazing. I was able to crawl around stalking the hares for ages and not get wet as the snow was dry and like powder.

Mountain Hares:

At about 2,000ft above sea level if saw my first hare sheltering from the strong wind in a gully. It is amazing how these animals can survive the entire Winter in these conditions.

Snowy HareSnowy Hare

The wind was quite strong on this side of the mountain. I found that as I lay on the ground crawling toward the mountain hare, the wind wasn't too bad. I was able to get about 4 metres away from the hare eventually but this took about 30mins of crawling and stopping, then crawling again. 

I spent about 3 hours with the hares and was quite amazed how they allow you to get so close. Maybe it's the lack of human contact.One of the highlights was to see a Golden Eagle fly low over the ground in search of prey. I didnt get an image of it, as it just appeared and then disappeared as quick. About 30 mins later I decided to descend in the direction of where the eagle flew. I never saw it again but I stumbled across a dead red grouse with it's head missing. This was not here on my ascent. Fresh blood and the bird was slightly warm. Truly a wild day in the wilds!