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Dotterel in May

May 11, 2016  •  1 Comment
Its been months since I wrote a blog so thought I would let you know of my little jaunt up the Blackcraig Hill in Ayrshire. I had heard through the grapevine that dotterel had been seen over the weekend on this site. It seems its a regular place for them to stop off on the amazing journey North, but they are there for only a few days during the wh...
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Mull In December with Otters

December 19, 2015  •  2 Comments
It's Wednesday morning and it's just got light enough for photography. During this time of year you only get a small window of light as its the Winter solstice in a couple of days. You may be wondering why I'm writing this now then? Well it's raining outside, that fine drizzle, more like I'm engulfed in a cloud as visibility is down to 100m. Yeste...
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Summer Cairngorms

September 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
After the awful Summer we have had here in Scotland, it was a pleasant surprise to have some Summer weather at the beginning of September! I kept checking the forecast and was amazed they were predicting a week of dry, calm sunny weather for the Cairngorm area! Bags all packed I headed North leaving the house at 3am in the Morning. I could only a...
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Interview in Digital Photography Magazine Issue 162

June 05, 2015  •  1 Comment
I was pleased to be contacted by Digital Photography magazine last month in relation to giving a short interview of my technique for shooting birds in flight. They had already selected a number of my images they wanted to use in the magazine, so it was just a matter of explaining concisely the technical jargon for each shot. Still, I'm chuffed to s...
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Black Grouse Lek

April 22, 2015  •  1 Comment
To witness the lek of the black grouse is one of the most amazing wildlife experiences you can have in the UK. I have been to a couple of leks in the past and always came away feeling that I have seen something quite unique. This time however proved to be the a little different. Usually I am in a portable hide sitting on a tripod stool and quite c...
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Spring Ptarmigan

April 12, 2015  •  1 Comment
Even though I live in Scotland there is something special about the Cairngorms located in the Highlands of Scotland. I had been trying to photograph Ptarmigan again since my first experience two years ago. Then there plumage was totally white as it was mid Winter but now in the Spring they had started to show quite a few darker feathers. I had sta...
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BBC Earth - National Bird Vote

March 20, 2015  •  1 Comment
Good to see my photo of a beautiful Barn Owl was used to promote the barn owl as a contender for Britains National Bird.
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BBC Photo of the Day - Mountain Hare

January 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
It was nice to see an image I took being selected as the BBC Earth Photo of the Day! Read the full story on this image in the LOCATIONS section of my website.
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Ospreys at Rothiemurchus

August 19, 2014  •  9 Comments
I have been photographing wildlife now for a few years and have built up many cherished encounters in the natural world. Whether its being a few metres away from a short-eared owl or tracking otters on Mull, certainly one of my highlights was to experience and photograph the diving ospreys hunting their prey! I arrived at Rothiemurchus at 4:30am a...
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Bempton Cliffs

August 07, 2014  •  4 Comments
On the East coast of England at Bempton Cliffs you will find the only mainland breeding colony of gannets in England. The cliffs run for about 6 miles and are a haven for sea birds, especially gannets. I was over there in August time, when much of the activity had already taken place, but there were still some juveniles ready to fledge. I had ca...
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Logan Botanic Gardens - SWNA

July 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Went down to Logan Botanic Gardens near Portpatrick in Dumfries & Galloway the other day to see the Scottish Nature Photography Awards exhibition. Good to see my winning photography of the otter taken on the Isle of Mull last year. It is really good to see the images in print and the quality of printing is excellent! There are really good photogra...
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Kestrels ready to Fledge

June 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
When I was a kid I would see kestrels everywhere! Sadly the kestrel has declined and here in Ayrshire is quite a rare bird. Imagine how thrilled I was to stumble across a pair of kestrels nesting in an old building. I obviously didn't want to disturb them at all so I kept well away and resisted the urge to try and get shots of the parents around th...
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Starling-wars in Kirkmichael, South Ayrshire

May 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
This is not the kind of behaviour this sleepy village is used too. I was out on location near Kirkmicheal, South Ayrshire photographing dippers feeding their chick when I heard quite a commotion in the grass. I went over to take a closer look and saw these two starlings having a scrap. First of all I thought they were just playing but then as I...
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Black Grouse Lek

May 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
In recent year the Black Grouse has been making a bit of a come back in certain parts of Scotland. Still a red listed species but due to the planting of natural forest in many parts of the Trossachs the bird is enjoying it's environment. During April the male birds gather for the Lek to impress the female. This is an amazing wildlife encounter! I...
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