Bempton Cliffs - Gannets

On the East coast of England at Bempton Cliffs you will find the only mainland breeding colony of gannets in England. The cliffs run for about 6 miles and are a haven for sea birds, especially gannets. 

I was over there in August time, when much of the activity had already taken place, but there were still some juveniles ready to fledge. I had camped nearby the night before so at 5:00am was up to see the sunrise on this clear blue sky day.

Gannets can be tricky to photography as the pure white plummage against the dark sea can cause the meter reading to blow out the whites. You have to experiments and shoot to the left by -1 or -2 stops to retain the feather detail. I wanted some harsh light to try and photograph the birds differently from just a flying gannet against a blue sky.

The photos on this page were taken mainly from 6:00am - 8:00 when the sun light was low and the crowds had yet to appear.



Sun WorshiperSun Worshiper


Pin HeadPin Head

The Pop UpThe Pop Up

Where's my Fish SupperWhere's my Fish Supper